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Yellow Nail Polish

Yellow Nail Polish

Yellow Nail Polish             The other day I decided to ask my daughter to paint my toenails. She asked me what color I wanted on them this time and showed me all the shades which were available. Because she knows me so well, she showed me all of the shades...

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When it comes to the idea of the “hood,” there’s a distinctive, negative connotation attached. Poverty, gangs, violence and underprivileged “ghettos” are the dominant thoughts usually associated with thoughts about the ‘hood. There are strong associations with black or brown inner-city crime, gangs and violence. Rough areas, police presence, drugs, alcohol and, ultimately, death are also accompanying connections. Overall, the idea of the ‘hood does not normally leave one with positive impressions. It makes us feel as if it is a place or idea which one should avoid.

Every neighborhood is a ‘hood’ in its own way. It is a network of established connections that can be based on love, community, collective interests, and attachment. Every neighborhood is a ‘hood’ and has the potential to be an “allianze” amongst its members. Whether there is a positive or negative light shone on any particular ‘hood’ is up to its residents and associates.

Hood Allianze is on a mission to redefine the idea of the ‘hood’. The ‘hood’ can inspire a sense of belonging and interconnectedness. There are positive things that can be taken from the notion of the ‘hood’. It can be considered a starting point from which there are deep roots. Solidarity, interdependence and membership have the ability to redefine the concept of the ‘hood’. Focusing on the greater community and the common good are essential to redefining the notion of the ‘hood’. A shared belief, especially a belief in God, is crucial to overcoming adversity which is a worthy goal.

The Hood Allianze Group is a family company which is dedicated to working towards our goal of spreading positive messages to encourage and impact this generation. At Hood Allianze, we stand together! We endeavor to redefine the idea of the ‘hood’ and to create allianzes all over the world. We are one allianze, united under God to spread the positive message of His Word. We are on a mission to make a difference, inspire and brighten the world that we live in!